Our Team

Pepper Edmiston

The Chief Cookie, first and foremost, loves children. However, according to her own daughter and sons, she was “intrusive,” “bossy,” and “melodramatic.” Therefore, she became a stand-up comic and complained about her kids to strangers.

Collecting cookie jars also gave Pepper’s children some relief. They are proud of Baby Art Mart, as it keeps their mom busy.

Baby Ezra is happy on Granny’s lap!

Learn more about Pepper in this article over at ShoutOut LA.

Kim Derby

The Sous Cookie is a former Debutante who now finds herself decked out in boots and jeans. She lives on a ranch in the rural fringe of Central California with horses, goats, chickens and her devoted pitbull Blue.

Originally from Pacific Palisades, Kim and Pepper met years ago and their friendship also became a working relationship. Kim is good at everything Pepper is not - finances, computer skills, logic, interfacing with smart people at Shopify, etc.

Charlie E., Artist

This talented young man was kind enough to assist his mom in the creation and design of BAM! He also photographed hundreds of really annoying cookie jars. He wishes to remain anonymous.