The Story of Chicken Little

A Danish tale from the early 1800s, “Chicken Little” takes place on a large farm.
Chicken Little’s true name was Henny Penny, but because she was a tiny chick,
she was given the nickname “Chicken Little.”


One day, an acorn dropped on Chicken Little’s head and she clucked, “The sky is falling!”

She ran around in circles, then waddled over to her friend, Cocky Locky. She cried,
“The sky is falling! We must tell the King!”

She also screamed “The sky is falling!” to Ducky-Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey
Lerky. The group of poultry headed toward the palace.

Then they came upon Mr. Fox, who tried to lead them down into his den. Instead,
the wise birds shook the acorn tree, filling the hole with acorns and trapping the fox forever.

Chicken Little saw the rain of acorns and realized what hit her on the head – an
acorn! She hugged her fowl friends, grateful they had not been eaten by Foxy Loxy
and pleased that the world was not ending. And, they all lived happily ever after!