The Story of Pinocchio


Kindly Old Man


Once upon a time, a woodcutter named Geppetto was very lonely. He decided to make a puppet who would be his companion. He named him Pinocchio and, much to Geppetto’s delight, Pinocchio could talk.

The little wooden boy was quite a rascal, often putting himself in danger. A Fairy came to his rescue again and again. But, instead of thanking her, he lied to her, so she made his nose grow longer and longer. She hoped his long nose would teach him to be truthful. 

Instead, Pinocchio continued to cause problems. He came across a man whom he had angered. The man threw the little puppet into the sea where he was swallowed up by an enormous whale. When Pinocchio didn’t return home, Geppetto went looking for him and he, too, was devoured by the whale.

When the woodcutter and the puppet found each other in the belly of the whale, they cried and hugged. Seeing Pinocchio had such love for Geppetto, the Fairy rewarded him by transforming him into a real boy. Geppetto was happy beyond words. Pinocchio became a good little boy, who never misbehaved and never lied and whose nose stayed put.