Squirrely Squirrel

Love at first sight! When I started collecting animal cookie jars, this was one of the first ones I bought. In real life, scampering squirrels are so adorable. Despite my cynical friend Bob’s description of squirrels as “rats with good P.R.,” I think the world would be less cozy without them. We need squirrels because they bring the forest to the city. Squirrely is paired with Steve Squirrel or any other forest creatures.



A piece of Vintage Americana transformed into a beautiful Canvas Print!

  • Available in seven sizes!
  • Canvas has a 1.6” (4 cm ) thick frame.
  • Canvas frames are made of FSC® certified wood. When not available PEFC or equivalent.
  • Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation.
  • Mounting kit included.

Shipping: is FREE! We use a world-wide printing company that partners with high-end printers all across the globe. Orders are usually prepared, printed and shipped out within three days.

Returns: If you aren't totally satisfied with your canvas, please check out our returns page for information on how to get a full refund.